Beat Your Competition With This Marketing Trick!

If you are not finding new cheaper  ways to reach your clients you are going to get stomped by your competition  because you can bet your last dollar that your competition is always looking  for cheaper faster ways to do business. This article will help you get an edge.If you are experienced at promoting  any type of business, then you are probably aware of the importance of  developing and working quality business lists. Quality lists can really help any type of business grow. Most of us are used to traditional business lists and marketing lists that involve sending out hard copy ads to potential clients. Often we don’t even own the lists; we just hire a company to advertise us to their list. If you’re in the phone book you are being advertised to their list of users, if you send out flyers or coupons you are  being advertised to their mailing list. Why not take control of your own lists? It will be much cheaper!Business e-mail lists that are  readily available for purchase and contain the full contact information for  businesses can be an extremely valuable asset. When trying to grow your business using business e-mail lists is a  popular strategy for many successful business owners. Here are just a few quick examples of  creative ways to use business email lists.I chatted with one creative business owner that almost doubled the size of his take-out restaurant business simply by sending out a biweekly e-mail listing that weeks specials at his  restaurant. He was very clever and would  broadcast his e-mails twice a week at 11 A.M., just when his potential clients  were starting to think about lunch. His  restaurant was located close to many local businesses and communicating with  them through e-mail cost him virtually nothing.  His total investment for being able to market over and over again was  the creation of an email template and the purchase of a business e-mail list  for his city.Another creative solution that I was witness to involved purchasing a business e-mail list and sending out weekly  electronic coupons for a local hair salon and spa. The owners included discounts on haircuts,  hair colors and perms as well as discounts on gift certificates for massage and  tanning. Once again the initial investment to build a recurring marketing machine was simply the development of  an email template and the purchase of an inexpensive business e-mail list.If you want to grow your business  consider using Business Email Lists.